Our Story

We’re big-picture thinkers who dig our small-town vibe. We’re devoted problem solvers who enjoy a challenge. We’re energetic go-getters looking to up our game, every day. We’re family owned – and people focused. And we don’t let anything stop us.

Ted Coalter founded what is now tpc in 1987 when it opened its doors as Cape Girardeau Printing. It quickly developed a reputation for service and excellence. Investing in equipment, technology, people and community became its hallmark. Then Jason Coalter, Ted’s son, joined the company in 1998 – and saw opportunity.

Over the next 12 years, Cape Girardeau Printing grew. And expanded. And grew some more. Finally, in 2010, the company formed a new identity as The Printing Co. This started a growth trajectory that included satellite offices, expansion into promotional items and apparel, investment in embroidery equipment, adding warehousing and corporate fulfillment capabilities, and embracing technology to enhance our relationships and offerings. This growth led us to thinking. Planning. Strategically charting our future.  

Today, we are known simply as tpc. Because we designprintbrandembroiderinteractemailwarehousemailkitfulfillship .

Today, tpc is one of a family of companies owned by Jason Coalter. J.S. Coalter & Associates also invests in residential and commercial real estate, warehouse space, insurance, advertising and design, restaurants and more. The strength of this structure means we are uniquely positioned to help our customers with any branding or delivery challenge. And we are able to achieve it without much of the red tape found in our larger competitors.

What We Are All About

As a company and a family, tpc has a strong culture: we are committed. We believe in “finding ways to get to yes” and in doing what it takes to get a job done to the best of our ability. We have grit. That’s evident in our mission:


We do whatever it takes to "make it happen" everyday, for our clients, our communities and our team. We are the "Make It Happen" people.

We demand the best from our team and from ourselves as individuals. The best service, the best ideas, the best solutions. We hold each other accountable to live out our vision in every area of our lives:


Think with Imagination. Deliver with Passion.

We have a common set of values that we share. These values guide our decisions, and dictate how we work together and serve our customers.


Meet Our Team

A company is only as strong as its people. And we think we have the best ones around. Go ahead. Meet them. We think you’ll agree.

Jennifer BollingerBibliophile. Cubs Cult. Doer of all things.Jennifer BollingerProduction
Driven. Feisty. Fashionable.Layla BouzihayMarketing
Tiffany BroseyOrganizer. Promo-Princess. Sports-mom.Tiffany BroseySales Support
Jason CoalterVisionary. Charismatic. Full-throttle.Jason CoalterPresident
Lesley CoalterPassionate. Dog-lover. Kid-herder.Lesley CoalterVice President
Gardener. Organizer. Seer of all things.Jeff CraderProduction
Travis DrilingasMaker. Tabletop-gamer. Feline-father.Travis DrilingasInteractive
Joy FloydGlad. You're. Here.Joy FloydEmbroidery
Kara FultonFearless. Lake-girl. Lover of shiny objects.Kara FultonPurchasing
Michele GoscheCurious. Persistent. Mama-bear.Michele GoscheShipping & Receiving
Brooke HendrixMy dream vacation is Hogwarts.Brooke HendrixPurchasing
Amanda HillPrecise. Negotiator. Soccer-mom.Amanda HillPurchasing
Tori HolmesCamper. Thriftier. Professional dog whisperer.Tori HolmesCreative
Bejay JordanPrankster. Girl-mama. Professional floater.Brenda KimreySales
Fur. Feathers. Ferns.Makayla KindlePurchasing
Brenda KluesnerGet. It. Done.Brenda KluesnerOperations
Committed. Gardener. Family.Susie MooreAdministration
Makeup fan. Cuisine connoisseur. Felinophile.Jennifer MorrillProduction
Karen NealInterrogator. Camper. Band mom.Karen NealFinance
Pam OglesMentor. Trailblazer. Culinarian.Pam OglesStrategic Development
Hanna PahssenProblem-solver. Procedure queen. Wine-snob.Hanna PahssenAdministration
Logan ResselPhotographer. Cat Dad. Guitar Hero.Logan ResselCreative
Cheryl SullivanGenerous. Wise. Lou-Lou.Cheryl SullivanAdministration
Kate SchaeferArtsy. Thoughtful. Beatlemania.Kate SchaeferCreative
Britnie UnterreinerWhat's. The. Process.Britnie UnterreinerOperations

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